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What is a Natural Newborn Session?

The most natural newborn sessions focus on your growing family. During a newborn session, my goal as a photographer is to document your life with a newborn baby. These sessions take place in your home and tell the story of your growing family. I don’t bring props, costumes or bean bags. I don’t put your baby in elaborate or complicated poses. Instead, I focus on your newborn and authentic interactions between you and your beautiful family. Natural newborn sessions are a powerful way to share and remember the early day’s of a baby’s life. These images will be treasured by parents and children alike in years to come.



When I had my baby, I booked a natural newborn session. I wanted to be able to show my son what life was like when he was a newborn. Twenty years from now, we will look at our photos and see the house he came home to. I want him to be able to look back at these photos and see how excited my husband and I were to be his parents. Looking at these photos, my boy will see the love that was a part of our little family from the start.


Natural newborn sessions are not just about the baby. They are also about mom, dad and the rest of the family. Because these sessions are about more than just the baby, it is important for mom and dad to be in the frame. When I booked my own newborn session, I wanted to be able to remember how much my husband and I loved each other in the first few days as parents. I wanted these photos as a reminder of how grateful I am to be a parent. Looking at our photos today, I don’t notice or think about my postpartum body or how I felt uncomfortable in my own skin during this time. I think about what it was like to hold my brand new baby in my arms and brush his cheek with my hand. I wanted to commemorate this change in my life. I wanted to remember what it felt like to be a new mom. I needed to be in the frame to do this.



Having a baby is one of the most life altering things I have ever experienced. There is a 9 month build up and then suddenly, your life is turned upside down! Those first few weeks as a new parent can be a blur. I want to remember the blur. My desire to preserve these memories is what fuels my approach for a more natural and documentary approach to newborn photography.

104_Baby-ViennePINToday, I am grateful my photographer took photos of our daily life. Looking back at these images, I can’t help but smile as I remember the days when we bathed my son in a small tub on the kitchen table. I love to remember the house we brought Luca home to. This is the nursery I spent hours day dreaming about and planning. Last year we moved away from that house and I am so grateful to have images from our beautiful old house. I hope that one day, the newborns in my photographs can look back to the beginning and see much their parents love them.

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