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Calgary Family Photographer: Mike and MJ

I am pretty far behind on blogging our family sessions. Tye and I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks. This session happened back in September. Remember September? Back when it still felt like summer outside. Mike and MJ are old friends of mine. Mike and my husband Eric went to school together and have been best friends since grade one.
150919_MiniSession_038PIN150919_MiniSession_037PINEric and I hosted Mike and MJ for a weekend visit in Calgary, and Confederation Park seemed like the perfect backdrop of a late summer/early fall photoshoot. During this shoot, the leaves were just starting to turn colours and a few had fallen off the trees and were starting to scatter around the ground.


Mike and MJ have two adorable children who were a pleasure to photograph. It was so nice to see Emily play and interact with her sweet younger brother, William.¬†I love gaining the trust of little ones on shoots. I like to remind them that I’m there to play with them.


It’s critical to give kids an opportunity to warm up to Tye and myself before we take our cameras out and start shooting. I find that giving kids, especially toddlers, a few minutes of playtime without the camera is helpful. It helps me gain their trust and capture more happy and relaxed photographs.




Thanks again to Mike, MJ and the kids for making the journey down to Calgary. Tye and I had a blast on this shoot. It was even more fun to spend the weekend together and catch up like old times! Edmonton family and friends: Tye and I will be up in Edmonton next weekend and still have two spots left for mini sessions on Saturday, November 7th. If you are interested in booking your own mini-session, send me an email at


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